Choose Happiness to Save Your Marriage

Raise your hand if when you got married you thought you would end up divorced or heartbroken.  Or, you got married with the intention of your marriage not lasting.  No, none of us did.  We married because we were in love and we could see ourselves spending a lifetime, or eternity, with our … [Read more...]

Saving Your Marriage with Gratitude

The 30 Day Marriage Gratitude Journal Challenge is off to a good start with 6 members in our group so far. Saving marriages and families is a subject near and dear to my heart.  Marriages are in trouble today.  Our society has become a 'Society of Disposables' (Elder Dieter F. Uchtdorf, Church of … [Read more...]

5 Ways To Be Successful

Today is the day we begin the 30 Day Marriage Gratitude Journal Challenge.  Rendel and I began last week to work at getting in the habit.  I really enjoyed the process but found that a couple of days I had difficulty getting it accomplished. My question for you is 'what are you going to do to … [Read more...]

See Your Dreams Become Reality!

A Simple Guide To Realizing Your Dreams We all have dreams, and in particular in regards to our marriage and our families.   Often times, circumstances may occur that make it difficult for us to figure out how we can make those dreams a reality. I see so many people give up on their dreams, … [Read more...]

Journaling 101: 5 Steps to Master Journaling

Your life is not set in stone. It's something that you can change. The outcome of your marriage is also not set in stone.  It's something that you can change.  One tool that you can use is a pen (or pencil). You can use writing to help you create the life you want.  Although our 30 day challenge is … [Read more...]

Marriage Gratitude Journal Challenge

One of the primary tools I recommend for improving marriage relationships is keeping a gratitude journal for your spouse and your marriage. Whether or not your marriage is amazingly wonderful, or it is having troubles, keeping a gratitude journal will help you to renew your love for your … [Read more...]


For the past week I have focused on the benefits to you, or any couple, of attending the Bulletproof Your Marriage Couples' Retreat.  Here are my questions for you: Have you started working on your Marriage Dream Board that we discussed yesterday? Have you begun making a Gratitude Journal to … [Read more...]

The Marriage of Your Dreams

Hello again friends.  Well, we have almost come to the end of this discussion about the Bulletproof Your Marriage Couples' Retreat.  Honestly, no amount of sharing here is going to truly let you see the extreme value of attending this retreat, it extends beyond your own marriage for … [Read more...]

Gender Differences in Communication

The third element in the Bulletproof Your Marriage Couples' Retreat involves understanding the gender differences of communication.   We have looked at our innate personality characteristics, our communication preferences, and now we will look at how the gender differences of communication actually … [Read more...]

Tools to the Rescue

How is the communication in your marriage?  Is it as good as you would like it to be?  Do you understand each other as much as you would like?  Do you get frustrated because your partner just doesn't "get you" anymore?  When was the last time that you had a really good conversation with your … [Read more...]