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Hi folks.  I’m back!  Thanks for bearing with me this week.  I think we are going to move right into Fan Friday and share a couple of blog crushes today.

Fan Friday

I seem to be focused on organization at the moment, not quite sure why.  So, I have chosen two folks this week who had some really good organizational ideas.  One of them is focused on household organization, and the other is being organized in the physical aspects of your life.  So, let’s get going.

1)  Laura of Laura’s Crafty Life has a series of organizational tips on right now.   Here is a little bit about Laura:   Laura’s Crafty Life is a craft blog that was created to share my love of crafting and to hopefully inspire you to get out there and craft! You will find DIY projects, scrapbooking, jewelry making, sewing, and party planning ideas.

Laura has been using a Home Management Binder for years 

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She says,  “You have probably seen these before. Basically it is a place to dump your brain to keep you organized. I first read about a control journal on Flylady.net. I have since adapted my own home management binder to better suit the needs of me and my family. That is the best part about this binder – it is completely customizable for what works for you! “

And Laura has provided a printable binder cover and spine to get you started.  Additionally, if you check out her facebook page and her blog, you will find lots of other printables.

Thanks Laura.  I hope to get to check out your site a lot more.

2)  Marietta at Wife On the Run has a post entitled Journey Back To Me 30 Days At A Time.   Here is an excerpt from this post:  “We’ve all heard the saying a thousand times, “If you fail to plan, you plan to fail!” Success in all things is like building a house. You can’t perceive the outcome unless you sketch the design on paper and make a list of tools and materials to build that home. You begin to go through your list of likes and dislikes, wants and needs, envision the exterior and interior of the finished model and what it will be like to live there.”

Marietta then applies this to taking care of our physical bodies and getting the exercise we need.   While I can in no way do some of the exercises that she does, or the number of repetitions, I can definitely see the value in creating this plan.  I am intending to apply this in my life.

Another post that Marietta has is a great reminder about stress and its cumulative effect.  Check it out here. Also, please check out her facebook page.

Thanks Marietta.  I am also looking forward to reading more of your work.

Ladies, please grab a button from the right side-bar.  It has been my pleasure to share you and your work with the fans of At the Lake.

To all of my great friends who read this blog, Thank you.  I appreciate you and your support.  Please show some love to these two great bloggers by going to their sites and checking them out.

I hope everyone has a fantastic day and a great weekend.

Please leave a comment and let me know if there are any particular types of blogs that you would like to see featured here.  If you have a blog that you would like featured, let me know.

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  1. I love both of these blogs! Both topics very near & dear to my heart – thanks for sharing them 🙂 ~Renee

    • Hi Renee. Thanks for stopping by. I am so glad you like them. They both do a great job, and I can easily see how their topics would be near and dear to your heart.

      Take care.

  2. They sounds like very informative helpful blogs. I love the Fly Lady!

  3. I love Laura’s Crafty Life! It’s a great blog! Wife on the Run sounds like a great blog, heading over to check it out now. Thanks!

    • Hi Tal. Great to see you. Yes, Laura’s Crafty Life is a great blog. Glad you are checking out Wife on the Run. Hope you have had a great weekend.

      Thanks for stopping by and commenting.

  4. Hi Marietta. Nice to meet you. I am glad that you liked being a Blog Crush and that you took a button.

    It was my pleasure to share your great blog. Have a great day!

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