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Montage Monday

A Very Crafty Christmas – Virtual Craft Fair

The registration process has begun and I am excited that things are moving forward.  The Fair is only one week away.  It begins on Cyber Monday.  You know that many folks do online shopping on Cyber Monday, so why not give your shop a boost by participating in this Christmas Craft Fair.  Remember, that the $5.00 entrance fee is all going to facebook advertising.   If you haven’t done any facebook advertising, let me just share with you that the last $20.00 I spent on facebook advertising brought 98 new fans to our page.  I believe that this advertising will work very well for each of us.  Just a reminder that I did extend the deadline for registration to Wednesday of this week.  So, you have a couple more days to register.  All details of the guidelines can be found here.  It is easy to register, I just need a little information from you and your booth fee of $5.00 for the advertising.

Play Days

It has been a fantastic few days.  I have been with my daughter and her family and have so enjoyed playing with my grandchildren.  Let me just say that the whole family loves snow.  Most people prefer to be in a warmer climate during the winter months, but they would be happy living anywhere there is a lot of snow.  And that goes for each member of her family.  
As you can imagine, they were absolutely thrilled to wake up to snow on Sunday morning.  Later in the day, they all bundled up and went outside to play in the snow.  You may recall that my granddaughter is 5 and my grandson is 3.  There were angels made in the snow, snowball fights, and throwing snowballs at the fence to see who could either hit it or throw their snowball over the top of it.  And, of course, there was a lot of laughter.  Grammy, however, didn’t go play in the snow.  Instead, I manned the video camera and took video’s of all the fun.
Here are a few pictures of them having a fabulous time:
My two little munchkins standing behind the curtain, looking at the snow.

My daughter is an awesome Mom.  Saturday morning she and the kiddos played for quite a little while. This picture is of the wind down, cuddling phase.  Too cute.  They were all having a fantastic time.
Saturday afternoon my granddaughter decided that she was a Girl Scout.  She had stayed in her jammies all day, but now she was motivated to go create a Girl Scout Uniform.  I was impressed with her creativity when she adopted a nearby scarf for her sash and then created a name tag for herself.  

How do you like her uniform?
Friday night their parents went out to see a local production of Les Miserables.  The children and I had a pajama party movie night.  Don’t you just love them in their PJ’s and slippers?
While eating breakfast on Saturday morning, Emi discovered that part of her scrambled eggs were in a fish shape (although you really can’t see it clearly here, it really was shaped like a fish).
Can you tell I love them and am a very proud grandparent?  It was a delight to get to spend these past few days with them.  I don’t get to see them often enough.
Thanks for spending some time with me today.  I know you have lots to do with your time, and I appreciate that some of it is spent here with me.
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  1. Lovely family pics Regina, so precious 🙂 Wow snow! We don’t anticipate any until mid December here in England but then again it snowed in May last year!!

    • Hi Lisa. Thanks for stopping by. I think they are adorable, but then I am prejudiced in their favor. lol. This was the first snow of the season for us. The kids loved it so much. And of course, my daughter is the biggest snow fan ever. So, they were all very happy.

  2. You should be a proud grandma – you have gorgeous grandchildren. It’s nice you were able to spend time with them. I hope your fair goes well.

    • Hi Jennifer. Thanks so much. I wish we lived a little closer. We are only about 4 to 5 hours drive time, but still, it is hard to fit it in to very busy schedules, theirs and mine. But I love when I do get to spend some time with them. Thanks on the well wishing for the fair. I hope it is a success for all.

  3. We love to play in the snow also, don’t see it very often at all here in Georgia though. I also love having the grandchildren for visits too. Looks like ya’ll had a great time. The Girl Scout uniform was so creative and I’m sure a fun memory.

    • Hi Shirley. Thanks for stopping by. We don’t get a tremendous amount of snow either. But they sure love it when we do get some. It was a lot of fun playing with them. I am always amazed at Emily’s creativity. She is very bright and very creative. Hopefully that will be a good combination. (might be scary for her parents at times.)

  4. You are blessed with lovely grandchildren! You look like you’re having a blast with them:) Would love a little snow but not too much:)

  5. You’re grandchildren are adorable. You are so blessed and you look like you’re having the time of your life:) Send some snow my way to Texas.

  6. Your grandchildren are so cute! My oldest granddaughter is five and it’s fun to see all the things that are now clicking in their minds as they become “big” girls. And I do love having a PJ party with them as well!

    • Hi Carla. Thanks. You are so right about their little minds. I am constantly amazed at what she comes up with. It is easy to see how easily their thought patterns are influenced by what they see and hear. Any play with them is absolutely wonderful. But cuddling up under a blanket with one each side of you, there simply isn’t anything better.

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