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Happy True Love Tuesday!

Wedding requests for this year are starting to come in.    Our latest request is for a Western Themed wedding with the bride entering on a horse.  That will be different for us, but should be interesting.  I will let you know if it comes about.


Okay, I have a question for you.  Last week I announced the kick-off a Reader’s Forum to delve into the communications issues in marriage and offer solutions for them.  Having been married for 40 plus years, I know that we all experience periods of communications issues in our marriages.  Having trained with Psychologist Michael Santo, Ph.D., developer of the Rembrandt Portrait personality profile, and certified in the evaluation of those profiles, and having consulted with numerous employers as well as developing and conducting team work seminars for them, I feel I have something to offer my readers in the area of enhanced communications.   Additionally, I am trained in Educational Kinesiology (Brain Gym) which is a powerful tool to get past any ‘blocks’ in your life.  My work in that area includes assisting both individuals and families.


So, down to the question.  Would you find a forum of this nature valuable to you?  You would not have to identify yourself specifically, if you don’t want to.  You could send an email with your issues and questions.  However, if you are comfortable with it, you could just put it in the comments section.   I would respond through the blog, but leave your anonymity in tact if you choose.

I know that many communication issues in my marriage were resolved as my husband and I began to understand each other better and how we each functioned in terms of communicating.  These lessons learned can help others as well.

Does this interest you?    Are you interested in taking a personality profile in order to enhance communications with your sweetie?  What other areas would you find of interest in such a forum?

Have a great day!


  1. This is a great idea, Regina, and I hope it takes off. I always enjoy being around couples who have been married for decades. In a world filled with broken relationships they offer hope that it is possible to stay in love with the same person for decades. 🙂
    Jennifer S. recently posted…Skillet Pot HolderMy Profile

    • Hi Jen. I hope it does too. I am very glad to get your feedback on it. This world needs not only a little more hope but some practical advice and application of that advice. So many couples struggle, as evidenced by our high divorce rates. I would like to offer them that ray of hope and practical solutions.

  2. What a great idea Regina! Communication is so important in a marriage and sometimes we need a “therapist” to talk things out with and just get some different solutions to things that are blocking that communication.

    I love that you are willing to tackle the hard stuff!

    Angel Burch recently posted…A Wedding, A Tow Truck, and The ShowMy Profile

    • blogging says:

      Hi Angel. I have always been a ‘go to’ person for people who are experiencing difficulties. They just seem to gravitate to me. I would like to take the knowledge, compassion, training, and experiences that I have and use them to assist others in this area. While I am not a licensed “Therapist”, I do have some training and skills to draw on that I think can be of benefit to others.

      Thanks for your support in this, it means a lot to me.

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