What a Difference a Rib Makes

Good morning!  It is True Love Tuesday at the Lake!

As I have conducted interviews for the Bullet Proofing Your Marriage series, the most common issue that I have come across is ‘communication’.  In your comments on my marriage posts, you have indicated that you feel communication is one of the most important elements in a marriage, but that it is often difficult.

Several years ago, I participated in a community leadership program.  One afternoon I received a phone call from the organizer asking if I could teach a class the next day on Team Building because the speaker that was scheduled was going to be unable to make it.  Oh my!  I didn’t have a ready format for doing this class.

A good friend of mine was there with me and we began to toss around ideas.  At the time, I was reading Men Are From Mars, Women Are From Venus.  You’ve heard me reference this book before.  I worked until late in the night developing a game show format around the learning that had come from that book.  The game was called “The Interplanetary Fued”.  It combined aspects of several different game show formats.

The next day, I divided the class in to two teams, the men versus the women.  The game was developed to enhance communication and team work in the work place.  We had a lot of fun and learned a great deal about each other.

A few years later, I resurrected the game and revised it for a church setting with husbands and wives.  The game required a name change for this new setting.  It became “What a Difference a Rib Makes”.

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Again, we pitted the men against the women and conducted it in a game show format.  There were two primary categories:  What’s in a Word, and Cave Dwellers.  I’ll let you figure out which one represented the male gender, and which represented the female gender.  (kind of obvious, don’t you think?)

Suffice it to say, we again had a lot of fun and learned a lot about how we function and how our partners function.

What I would like to do today, is make this post a forum for you to improve communication in your marriage.  Think about the most difficult aspects of communication with your partner.  Is it that you don’t feel he hears you?  Or, he doesn’t understand you?  Or, you don’t understand him? Do the problems start when he walks in the door from work and you are exhausted from dealing with the children and he goes and sits down in front of the TV?

Really analyze where the most difficult interactions are and how you feel about them.  Please put them in the comments section, or, if they are too personal, send me an email or a private message. (My email is in the contacts section.)

Feel free to get your husband to participate in this.  What are his frustrations with communication? Remember, it is never a one-sided issue.  However, don’t use that opportunity to dive into a disagreement about communication.  Just gather information and don’t be offended or hurt by his responses.

In a future post, (very near future) I will address your concerns and explain why these issues are taking place and how you can improve in this area of your communication.  Sound good?

We all have areas of our communication with our spouse that are not perfect.  So, I really hope you will participate.

I am looking forward to your responses.  Thanks so much for stopping by today.

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