Challenges and Gratitude

I answered the call from my husband, surprised to be hearing from him at this time of day as I knew he was at work.  “I am in trouble, hon”, he said.  My mind quickly tried to connect the dots.  What kind of trouble.  I don’t know why but I thought, “Oh no, he has lost his job”.  (He has over 30 years with this company and I honestly cannot think of a reason why he would lose his job).

His next sentence was “My boss is taking me to the ER”.  He was having pain on his right side and it was getting worse.  “Pain from a kidney stone?”, I asked.  “No”, he said.  “Pain in my chest and my right arm”.

As I hung up the phone I offered a quick prayer and began making some phone calls:  1)  our daughter  2)  my sister  3)  our Home Teacher from church.  I began to prepare to make the 5 to 6 hour drive to Midland where he works.  That would be a very long 5 to 6 hour drive.


His boss, James, and James’ wife, Karen, met me at the hospital and took me to his room.  By the time I got there they had some of the initial test results back and knew that he had not had a heart attack.  It did appear, however, that he had experienced a pulmonary embolism.  For those who don’t know what that is, here is the definition from the Mayo clinic:

Pulmonary embolism is when one or more pulmonary arteries in your lungs become blocked. In most cases, pulmonary embolism is caused by blood clots that travel to the lungs from the legs or rarely other parts of the body (deep vein thrombosis, or DVT).  Pulmonary embolism can be life-threatening, but prompt treatment can greatly reduce the risk of death. Taking measures to prevent blood clots in your legs also can help protect you against pulmonary embolism.

Over the course of the next day they ran a few more tests.  It was believed that he had an intermediate size embolism.  The treatment is taking blood thinners.  Because of a history of chronic blood clots, he was already on blood thinners.  (We found out about this history when he had a failed kidney transplant last December.)

By six o’clock on the second day he was discharged from the hospital.  The next day, exhausted, we both got a little rest.

1969 Kent's Senior Prom

1969 Kent’s Senior Prom

We are home now and the challenge continues.  It will most likely continue for the rest of his life.

However, I am so grateful for the blessings we have received.  I am grateful for all of the prayers offered on our behalf.  I am grateful for James and other co-workers who made sure he got to medical help quickly.  I am grateful for the medical personnel who worked on him.  I am grateful for my Bishop who arranged for the missionaries to come and administer a blessing.

I am especially grateful for a loving Heavenly Father who knows each of us individually and watches over us.

I am grateful for my husband who has been at my side for the last 44 years.   What a blessing that we can celebrate that next week.  I am very grateful and know that we have been truly blessed in our lives.

Update to all of this.  Hubby has been off of dialysis for about six weeks or so.  However, they believe that some of his issues would be resolved by going back on dialysis.  So,  this week he goes back into the hospital for three days to begin the process of dialysis once again.  Evidently it has to be ‘eased’ in to.   But, hopefully, this will resolve the physical issues he is having right now.  We knew that it was possible that he would go back on dialysis, but we are grateful for every day that he was able to be off of it.

That said, we are also grateful that we live in a time, age and place where this life saving treatment and technology is available.  And we are grateful for a really good Nephrologist working with him.

I want to thank all of you again for your prayers and support.  I cannot adequately express what that means to me.  Thanks for letting me share all of this with you.

Please have a blessed day!



  1. Beautiful testimony from a beautiful couple! Love You

  2. What a scary time. I’m so glad you could lean on your faith to get through it. Prayers to you both for the future and for healing *hugs*

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