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Let’s take a little deeper dive into the Bulletproof Your Marriage Couples Retreat.  One of the critical areas of difficulty in marriage centers around communication, or, at times, the lack thereof.  How is the communication in your marriage?  Do you sometimes feel like there is none?  Or that it is strained?  Do you feel lonely in the same house with your spouse?  If you say “black”, do they say “white”?


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In our Bulletproof Retreat we address communication from a variety of aspects and provide many tools and insights to enhance your communication and get you back on track.  Let’s visit about one of the tools:

The Rembrandt Portrait – If you recall, in Chapter 2 of the book, I discussed this personality profiling tool, which was developed by Dr. Michael Santo, Ph.D.  I have been involved with Dr. Santo and the use of the tool since 1996 and have found it to be extremely accurate in assessing innate personality characteristics.

My business partner and I were first introduced to the portrait when we started our staffing company in August of 1996.  Shortly after that, my husband and I took the portrait.  Let me explain a bit.  The Rembrandt Portrait is taken on a computer and takes approximately 20 to 30 minutes to take.  The 14 scores are then interpreted by an Evaluator with Rembrandt Advantage.

Early on in our experience with the Portrait, I realized what a valuable tool it is and wanted to understand more about the evaluation of the results.  I headed off to Dr. Santo in San Francisco and went through a certification process with him.  It was very powerful.

By themselves, these 14 scores have no value to the receiver.  It is only through the assessment of a trained evaluator that a picture begins to form.  From these 14 scales, the evaluator can assess over 50 performance factors for an employment position. But, the results can also be utilized with couples to help them understand the innate way that they each function.

When my daughter brought home the young man that wanted to marry her, we had him take the profile.  We already had her profile.  I sat them down and explained their differences and commonalities and where some of the difficulties could come from in their marriage if they did not understand how they functioned differently.  I personally believe that this was a powerful tool for them as they moved forward.

Previously, I mentioned that my husband and I also took the profile.   Understanding the results made a tremendous difference for us even though we had been married many years at that point in time.  Our marriage, like most marriages, had its moments of difficult communication.  Over time, and with the understanding developed through the profile, we experienced

The participants in our retreats have been thoroughly impressed with the accuracy of the results and the insight that it has given them for making their marriage better.

If you are interested in understanding yourself and your spouse at a much deeper level, and understanding how that impacts your relationship, then sign up for the Bulletproof Your Marriage Couples Retreat.

Plan to join our next retreat.  Dates are being finalized but it will be sometime in September.  The experience will be enlightening, experiential, and definitely valuable in improving your marriage.

Thanks for spending these few moments with me.  I know your time is valuable and appreciate you spending some of it with me.

Have an awesome day!


P.S.  The next retreat will be at the  Gaylord Texan hotel in Grapevine, Texas.  Follow this link to the registration page to get on the list.

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