Gender Differences in Communication

The third element in the Bulletproof Your Marriage Couples’ Retreat involves understanding the gender differences of communication.   We have looked at our innate personality characteristics, our communication preferences, and now we will look at how the gender differences of communication actually increase the stress in the relationship.

In this third portion of the retreat we begin to understand hormonal balance or more particularly imbalance, especially our feel good hormones versus our stress hormones.

These differences can tear a marriage apart, or, with understanding and appreciation, you can utilize your knowledge of them to enhance your marriage and return to those days of more relaxed communication.

Even with this enhanced knowledge, there will still be moments of discord; every relationship experiences them. However, instead of seeing these moments as threatening your relationship, you can see them as opportunities to learn more about each other and forgive one another. The result, you grow closer together instead of further apart.

In a recent couples’ retreat, one participant stated that her marriage, which was on the verge of divorce, began to improve when she applied forgiveness.   This principle is extremely powerful in all of our relationships, but especially when applied in our marriage.


As we remember that there truly is a difference in the way that the genders communicate and deal with stress, we can learn to understand our mate better, softening our response to them, enhancing our love for them, and healing our relationship.

We have a tendency, as humans, to think that our way is the right way.  But the truth is, there is more than one ‘right’ way.  As we truly come to understand this, and accept our mate’s way as being just as right as ours, we can begin to improve our relationship, no matter how long we have been married.

In the Bulletproof Your Marriage Couples’ Retreat, the in-depth coverage of these principles and the hormone factor, gives you another tool you can use to bulletproof your marriage.

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