Coming Home to Blogging

Hello friends. Blogging Updates First, I must apologize for the fact that I have been so absent for the last couple of months.  I believe I now have a plan in progress that will allow me to continue blogging on a routine basis.  What I have discovered over the last couple of months, though, is … [Read more...]

The Baby Boomer Effect

While I am having a wonderful time here with my sister and her family, I am beginning to miss the Lake.   I am so grateful for all of my friends who have been willing to help out at the B & B while we are away.  It is so wonderful to know that everything is well cared for. Thank you Deb, Chuck, … [Read more...]

Pintastic Pinteresting Party #17

Welcome back to our party. We are pretty excited about featuring you and spreading the word of some amazing posts to read! Thanks for joining us. We would love for you to follow the hosts on Pinterest Adelien at Blessed Learners Heather at the Welcoming House Blog Jill at Called To Be A … [Read more...]

Wedding Open House At the Lake

Good morning everyone! I hope you are having a fabulous day. Last week I received pictures from the Wedding Open House we had here in December. You will recall this was our young couple that I did the first interview with for "Bullet Proofing Your Marriage". I know that you all wanted to see more of … [Read more...]

Mike and Marti’s True Love Story

Good morning.  Its True Love Tuesday, once again, here At the Lake.  I hope you are having a fabulous day and week.  I have been working diligently on my promise to you to put more time in on our True Love stories for the Bullet Proofing Your Marriage series. Today, I am happy to share with you … [Read more...]

WordPress Transfer

Welcome to an exciting day At the Lake.  Today, we are moving the location of our blog to Wordpress.  I know that doesn't mean anything to some of you, but those who also blog will understand.Wordpress is a program that has more features and is a better choice for us in the long run. … [Read more...]

Pintastic Pinteresting Party # 10

Good morning everyone!  I am so glad to be a part of this weeks Pintastic Pinteresting Party!! Pintastic Pinteresting Party # 10 Welcome back to our party. We are pretty excited about featuring you and spreading the word of some amazing posts to read! Thanks for joining us.We would love for you … [Read more...]

Six Thrifty Tips to Make Your Life Easier

Well, it is Thrifty Thursday again.  Is it warming up where you are?  It is getting warmer and prettier, at least for a few days.Blog MoveOn Friday of this week, At the Lake is moving to Wordpress.  I am excited and have some trepidation.  Hopefully all will go well with the move … [Read more...]

What a Difference a Rib Makes

Good morning!  It is True Love Tuesday at the Lake!As I have conducted interviews for the Bullet Proofing Your Marriage series, the most common issue that I have come across is 'communication'.  In your comments on my marriage posts, you have indicated that you feel communication is one of … [Read more...]

Be Healthy, Be Happy!

Good morning.  It is a cold, (think wind, snow and ice on the ground, temp is 14 but feels like zero) morning, here at the lake. I must apologize for not getting a post out on Saturday.  With hubby's dialysis on Saturday mornings, it really messes with my schedule.  I simply did not … [Read more...]