Banish Belly Fat with Yoga

A ‘spare tire’ seems to be unavoidable as we age, but that is NOT the case. The truth is that if we understand the changes in our metabolism and hormones due to aging, we can stop packing on the pounds around our middles. Everyone knows someone who has a difficult time losing weight--maybe … [Read more...]

Hot Drinks for a Crowd and Journey Update

Good morning.  It is the beginning of a great new week.  I was peeling potatoes on New Year's Day and my husband asked if he could have one (he loves raw potatoes).  I reached into the bag and pulled out this potato.   Can you believe it?I told him he could have my heart! Hot … [Read more...]

Resolution Revolution!

Alright everyone.  Here is an opportunity to take charge of your body and weight, once and for all.  If you are like me, you may have struggled with weight issues in your life.  Or, you may be happy with your weight but want to tone up or build more muscle.  Well, the answer is … [Read more...]