3 Tips for Sticking to Your Goals

We all want to become better people which causes us to strive for that every day, but more often than not we find ourselves in the same spot, not moving forward the way we want. We struggle to figure out why we haven't achieved our goals.   What went wrong?   I think you will agree that change is … [Read more...]

Take Care of Yourself First

Continuing our conversation, let’s move forward with some ways to take care of your self so that you can achieve your goals. Take supplements: The body has its own mechanism which allows it to absorb and manage stress. But for this function to work properly the body must also be in perfect … [Read more...]

Staying Sane during the Holidays

As I sit here in my beautiful, white, wonderland, thinking that I am truly glad I am inside instead of outside, I have been thinking about a few things.  First, wow, I have a lot left to do this month.  For all of my good intentions, I think it is going to be very busy the rest of the … [Read more...]