Forgiveness Brings Power

Good morning friends.  I hope you had a wonderful weekend.  I spent mine in Lubbock supporting my daughter as she graduated from college.  Great times.  Here is the 4th article in our series on Forgiveness. Have you ever had an experience that shook your trust or belief in another person, … [Read more...]

How Seniors Can Benefit from Yoga

How Can Seniors Benefit From Yoga? Okay, so you might not be a senior, but chances are you know some seniors.   So, if this message doesn't exactly fit you, please think of those around you who could benefit from it and pass it along. Many seniors think there is no way they can ever do yoga … [Read more...]

Light on Yoga

Well, are you excited about using yoga to help shed some of those unwanted pounds and inches?  I definitely am.  I have been having some issues with my right hip for a few months now and I am anxious to see if yoga can help.  But you know, I am truly a novice at yoga.  I did do a bit with a trainer … [Read more...]

Banish Belly Fat with Yoga

A ‘spare tire’ seems to be unavoidable as we age, but that is NOT the case. The truth is that if we understand the changes in our metabolism and hormones due to aging, we can stop packing on the pounds around our middles. Everyone knows someone who has a difficult time losing weight--maybe … [Read more...]

Challenges and Gratitude

I answered the call from my husband, surprised to be hearing from him at this time of day as I knew he was at work.  "I am in trouble, hon", he said.  My mind quickly tried to connect the dots.  What kind of trouble.  I don't know why but I thought, "Oh no, he has lost his job".  (He has over 30 … [Read more...]

Hot Drinks for a Crowd and Journey Update

Good morning.  It is the beginning of a great new week.  I was peeling potatoes on New Year's Day and my husband asked if he could have one (he loves raw potatoes).  I reached into the bag and pulled out this potato.   Can you believe it?I told him he could have my heart! Hot … [Read more...]

Feeling lucky? Feeling Healthy?

Montage MondayI had a great weekend and I hope you did too.  I spent Saturday with my church family at a wonderful fall gathering.  Now I know what the turkey shoot is.  They have a skeet shoot and the winner receives a frozen turkey.  There was the cutest little train for the … [Read more...]

Give-Aways and Gifts

Hi everyone!  Happy Saturday.  I have a huge pot of pinto beans cooking for a big batch of chili.  Our church is having an annual Fall Festival and Turkey Shoot today.  I have never been to it before, so I am not sure what exactly takes place.   I am bringing chili and … [Read more...]

Is Marriage for you?

True Love TuesdayWe had another wedding on Saturday.  It was a lovely affair.  The bride and groom were both very sweet and relaxed.  The whole family came and helped set up for the wedding.  It was a great family affair and love was truly in the air.  I am so blessed to be … [Read more...]

The Changing Colors of the Season

Good morning everyone!  It is a fabulous Montage Monday here At the Lake.  We had about 3 hours of rain on Saturday afternoon and evening.  It was heavenly.  We are still in a drought here and we desperately need the rain.I want to share with you some of the beautiful scenery I … [Read more...]