Ignore the ‘Nay Sayers’

Have you ever been around someone who is always negative?  I have.  It is very difficult to remain in their presence, and sometimes you don't have a choice, there is no escape. As long as humans exist there will always be negative people. It is important to teach ourselves how to drown out the … [Read more...]

7 Ways to Personal Growth

Some days it seems everything I do is about Personal Growth.  Personal growth has helped me to make my life more enjoyable and fulfilling. Today, I had the opportunity to be interviewed on Don Hutcheson’s podcast,“Discover Your Talent~Do What You Love” .  As I reflected on each of the questions he … [Read more...]

5 Limiting Toxic Beliefs and Cures

Have you noticed how some of your 'limiting beliefs' can keep you from even attempting some things.  Some beliefs have the power to stop you in your tracks. For example, if you believe that you could never run a marathon, you’d never try. If you believe that you can't lose weight, you won't put … [Read more...]

Self Improvement – Millionaire Mind Intensive

Good morning everyone.  Have you missed me as much as I have missed you?  Wow, life has been fun, interesting and busy.  I am having a great time but my blogging has definitely suffered.  As I visited with an old friend recently she asked me about what I was doing.  I told her everything and she … [Read more...]