10 Ways to Manage Frustration

I don't know about you, but when things don't go as I expect them to, I can get frustrated.  Although I might not be able to avoid frustration completely, I have found that I can manage it.    Would you be surprised to learn that frustration, although not enjoyable, has some positive benefits? … [Read more...]

Banish Belly Fat with Yoga

A ‘spare tire’ seems to be unavoidable as we age, but that is NOT the case. The truth is that if we understand the changes in our metabolism and hormones due to aging, we can stop packing on the pounds around our middles. Everyone knows someone who has a difficult time losing weight--maybe … [Read more...]

Fan Friday on Thursday

Well, this week is all about the switcheroo.  I flip flopped Monday and Tuesday's posts, from a them perspective.  Now I am going to flip flop Thursday and Friday.I am going to a meeting tomorrow night that will provide good content for a Thrifty Thursday, so I am going to write about that … [Read more...]

Staying Sane during the Holidays

As I sit here in my beautiful, white, wonderland, thinking that I am truly glad I am inside instead of outside, I have been thinking about a few things.  First, wow, I have a lot left to do this month.  For all of my good intentions, I think it is going to be very busy the rest of the … [Read more...]