True Love Reader’s Forum

Happy True Love Tuesday! Wedding requests for this year are starting to come in.    Our latest request is for a Western Themed wedding with the bride entering on a horse.  That will be different for us, but should be interesting.  I will let you know if it comes about. Okay, I have a question … [Read more...]

What a Difference a Rib Makes

Good morning!  It is True Love Tuesday at the Lake!As I have conducted interviews for the Bullet Proofing Your Marriage series, the most common issue that I have come across is 'communication'.  In your comments on my marriage posts, you have indicated that you feel communication is one of … [Read more...]

Making it Work

Happy Valentine's Day!  It is wonderful to have a day that we remind ourselves how important it is to treat our mate (and others) with love and respect and show them how much we love them.  Actions do speak much louder than words.  If couples shared their love through actions on a … [Read more...]

Making Your Dream a Reality

Welcome to Wired Wednesday!  It is possible that I may have to change my posting schedule for a while in order to accommodate the series on True Love.  I haven't told all of you this, but I plan to write and publish a book using the interviews that I am conducting as a foundation for the … [Read more...]