5 Ways To Be Successful

Today is the day we begin the 30 Day Marriage Gratitude Journal Challenge.  Rendel and I began last week to work at getting in the habit.  I really enjoyed the process but found that a couple of days I had difficulty getting it accomplished. My question for you is 'what are you going to do to … [Read more...]

Attitude of Gratitude

Today is the first official day of the Blessings Journal challenge.  Some eager beavers, like Margaret, have already begun and are recognizing their blessings.  I begin mine officially today.  Let me take just a moment to review the guidelines of the challenge: Rate your happiness level on a … [Read more...]

Challenges and Gratitude

I answered the call from my husband, surprised to be hearing from him at this time of day as I knew he was at work.  "I am in trouble, hon", he said.  My mind quickly tried to connect the dots.  What kind of trouble.  I don't know why but I thought, "Oh no, he has lost his job".  (He has over 30 … [Read more...]